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What is Khosmium

KHOSMIUM Brings the First AAA Game That Combines MOBA-RPG-RTS to the Fun to Play Market With the Support of The HBAR Foundation

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Supported by The HBAR Foundation

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Khosmium World Event - Marbella Arena

We are excited to announce that Mindiff, a newly formed AAA gaming and entertainment studio led by industry veterans, is working on its debut title Khosmium for PC and Web3 built on Hedera.

About Hedera

The Hedera network is the most innovative, sustainable, enterprise-grade public ledger for the decentralized economy. The platform is governed by a council of the world's industry leading organizations.

Sponsorship announcement

Khosmium is an official sponsor of the football team Kunisports & Krü Esports (owned by Kun Agüero) for the Kings League.

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Khosmium Intro

Khosmium cinematic trailer with exclusive music by Dj Danny Avila.

DJ Danny Avila

Partner in the videogame Khosmium and creator of the music for the cinematic trailer. He performed at the Khosmium World Event in Marbella.

The Khosmium Community

Why join the Khosmium Metaverse?

As part of the Khosmium community players will:

  • Be part of a huge fun playing community with its own prosperous and rewarding economy.
  • Enjoy participating in great battles and engaging in interpersonal combat with other players or the environment.
  • Love exploring, farming and developing new and unexplored lands.
  • Own and develop their digital assets (NFTs) through game-play.
  • Be able to increase the rarity and value of their NFTs by merging them.
  • Be able to change, improve or make a profit on their NFTs by dealing in the marketplace and thus enhancing their gaming experience and the value of their user account.

NFTs: Heroes, Pets and Objects

All our NFTs are available in different rarity levels: Beginner, Basic, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mystic.

Heroes, pets and objects can be obtained from chests, the marketplace and upgraded by NFT merging and burning. Objects can also be obtained by in-game play.


Heroes are one of the pillars of Khosmium, where players will be able to play with their NFTs or with free Skin versions of them.

The user will embody one of the 30 initial heroes from among 8 different classes: shooter, tank, fighter, assassin, mage, support, breeder and strategist.


There are 15 species of pet available.

Pets improve the attributes of our hero when used in the game and you earn a passive income from them.



There are more than 100 NFT objects available.

Up to a maximum of 7 objects can be carried by heroes to enhance their abilities. Objects can also be obtained through game-play.


The Game


At the time of the creation of the Universe, in a very ancient era of the cosmos, when the galaxies and stars were still forming and our world was just tiny particles of dust and gas in the sky, a singularity caused a tear in space-time triggering an infinity of inter-dimensional and parallel Universes. As our world developed, so did dozens of other worlds across space and time, giving rise to Khosmium.

Khosmium Gameplay

In Khosmium, immerse yourself in a metaverse where you can enjoy different game modes, maps and missions in both PvE and PvP.

The player plays the role of a hero who can equip themselves with different items in the different game modes to defeat various enemies, bosses or other players. Either take a risk and play on your own or make allies to defeat other heroes, complete more difficult quests and receive higher rewards.

Game Modes

Explore the world of Khosmium and obtain loot and resources to improve your hero.

Campaign game mode


Campaign mode creates a narrative of connected tales linked to a final objective with the aim of developing long stories and character history and progression.

Special missions game mode

Special missions and temporary tasks

Players will be able to participate in Special Missions, accompanied or alone, to evolve quickly and increase their rewards.

Incursions game mode


Raids are the biggest PvE challenge in the game, where players will be put to the test and have to play as a team in order to achieve victory and gain the best possible rewards.

Battle Royale game mode

Battle Royale

Players engage in combat on a large scale where they have to collect objects scattered around the map in order to survive with the single goal of being the last one standing.

MOBA game mode


It is one of Khosmium's main game modes where two teams of players, usually 3 or 5 players per team, compete against each other in different Battlegrounds to destroy the enemy`s Sacred Source.

Khosmium MOBA map

In this mode;

Experience the following new roles. Strategists who can control minions, and Breeders whose power source comes from their creatures!

Create synergies with other players with the Group ability system and combine the elemental powers of the Gods of Water, Earth, Wind and Fire.

Khosmium Elementals

Conquer the jungle and summon the Colossus, it is your team's ultimate weapon but if the enemy defeats it, it will be they who get a great reward!

Equip your character with more than 100 different items from the Lost Jungle and Forgotten Temple store.

Initial abilities are a series of special abilities that we can select at the start of games to use with our Champion.

The Marketplace

There are two types of markets:

NFT Market

This is where players will be able to buy, sell, and auction their NFTs (heroes, pets, items and armour), using the $KHOS token.

Khosmium will charge a commission on transactions to maintain funds for liquidity, future growth and game development.

In-game Market

This is where players will be able to buy, sell, and auction their earned items as in-game rewards.

token khos


$KHOS is the currency at the heart of the Khosmium ecosystem and is used as a medium of exchange in the market place and provides a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between users.

Management contract: Chain: Hedera

There will be a total supply of 1,000,000,000 $KHOS tokens.

More information here.


  • Ideation

    Team Formation

    Brand and Strategy

    Game Logic Development

    Exclusive trailer music composition by Danny Avila

    Khosmium Danny Avila collaboration
  • Social Media Launch

    Website Launch


    Whitepaper & Roadmap

    Video Trailer

    KHOSMIUM World Event Marbella

    Choosing the Hedera DLT

    Partnership with The HBAR Foundation

    Seed Sales

    Khosmium Marbella Event
  • Private Sales


    Khosmium World event

    Dapp Launch

    Game phase 1: DEMO 1

    Game phase 2: DEMO 2

    Public Sales

    Marketplace Launch

    Game phase 3: OPEN BETA

    Season & Battle Pass

    Guild Scholarships


    League System

The Team

Mindiff brings together a team of professionals who have been creating and managing RPGs, RTS and MOBAs for more than 25 years.

“Today more than ever, a good project depends on bringing together a herd of brains”

100% innovation + entertainment + profitability

Projects and companies where the team have worked


Resident Evil, Shadows of War, NBA 2K, Zula, Runes of Magic, Command & Conquer, The Immortal Mystics, Grand Theft Auto, World of Tanks ...


Legend Studios, Strategy First, Disney, Virgin Interactive, Take 2, Wargaming, Planeta de Agostini, 1C Company, BCB Group ...


New blockchains, DeFi protocols, uniswap forks, crypto wallets, staking, stablecoins, security tokens, DAOs, NFTs ...


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